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We at the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation wish to express our appreciation for all those who helped make the Heal Charlottesville Fund not only possible but successful—from Dave Matthews Band and the musicians who played the Concert for Charlottesville to our thousands of donors; from our Heal Fund Review Committee members to all who applied for and received grants; from our Governing Board, past and present, to our dedicated staff. Thank you!

The Heal Charlottesville Fund: A Legacy of Hope was managed and written by Brendan Wolfe.


Clarence Green directed the video.

Photography is by Jesús Pino Aguilar, Stacey Evans, Ézé Amos, Jeff Looney, and Sanjay Suchak (UVA).


Robert Viccellio designed the online package.


Increasing Diversity and Inclusion in Community Processes and Decision-making

African American Teaching Fellows: to increase the number of diverse teachers in the Charlottesville and Albemarle school system

Eboni Bugg: to provide equity workshops and trainings for nonprofits and government groups

New Hill Development Association: to engage the Black community in planning for a micro-economy

Public Housing Association of Residents: to promote the voices of public housing residents and support leadership development

Spread the Vote Piedmont: to expand voter access services

Advancing Racial Equity

Adorn Natural Hair & Beauty Studio: to expand natural hair care offerings for Black women

Albemarle Housing Improvement Program: to provide rehab services to minority homeowners

Beyond Fitness with Sabrina: to expand health and wellness programming for Black youth, women, and working families

Black Business Expo/WTJU: to feature and promote Black-owned businesses

Brave Souls on Fire: to provide culturally appropriate mental health support

Central Virginia Clinicians of Color Network: to support a collective of therapists of color

City of Promise: to expand economic opportunities for low-income adults

Charlottesville Community Resilience Fund: to support community members navigating the criminal justice system

Charlottesville Food Justice Network: to increase equitable access to food

Community Roots Co-Op: to provide culturally appropriate educational opportunities for minority students

Cordell Fortune: to promote Black-owned businesses

Fifeville Neighborhood Association: to develop neighborhood green spaces

Fountain Fund: to provide low interest micro-loans to returning citizens

Heritage United Builders: to support economic opportunities in the construction industry

Lending Hands: to provide reentry services to returning citizens in the Charlottesville area

Prende Pants: to bring awareness to racial disparities in birth outcomes

Resilience Education: to develop a web-based platform that connects returning citizens with people and resources

Sin Barreras: to connect Latinx residents to community resources

Increasing Education, Awareness, and History-Telling

Increasing Education, Awareness,
and History-Telling


B. F. Yancey Transition Advisory Committee: to tell the story of enslaved people in Southern Albemarle County

Carter G. Woodson Institute for AfricanAmerican and African Studies/Citizen Justice Initiative at the University of Virginia: to support a storytelling project titled “If These Walls Could Talk: Bringing Community Policing Narratives to Life”

Eze Amos: to highlight the experiences of the residents of the Vinegar Hill neighborhood that was destroyed during urban renewal

First Baptist Church: to support a historic landmark and community programs

Jefferson School African American Heritage Center: to support the 1966 project to share stories of desegregation

Jefferson School African American Heritage Center/ Pilgrimage to Equal Justice Initiative: to memorialize John Henry James’ lynching in Charlottesville and support the July 2018 Community Civil Rights Pilgrimage to Montgomery, Alabama

Jordy Yager: to map the racially restrictive housing deeds throughout the City of Charlottesville

JuJu Seeds Media: to write, publish, and distribute children’s books about families of color

Kibiriti Majuto: to support the Unveil Cville gathering

The Love No Ego Foundation: to provide education about structural racism and its impacts

Maupintown Media: to produce a documentary film ‘3rd Street’ about the formally segregated 3rd Street box office at Charlottesville’s Paramount Theater

Ms. Tessa Community Care and Consulting: to provide workshops, classes, meetings, and social events for children of color to encourage positive self-image and self-confidence

One Shared Story: to assist people researching their African American genealogy

Sin Barreras: to share the history of migration in the United State since the 1950s and the current legal structure of immigration

Starseed Publishing: to develop children’s picture books of families of color

Trinity Episcopal Church: to provide a series of workshops to engage residents about local Black history

Vivian M. Feggans: to support a reading and writing retreat for Black women

Please Note: Italicized grant recipients received funding via the Community Investment Collaborative.



Rachel Abdella

Alex Aberman

Peter Abrahamsen

ACAC Fitness & Wellness

Dave Ackerman and Anna Towns

Sabrina Acton

Ann and Roger Adams

Stephen Adams

Alison Adkins

Morgan Adkins

Paul Adler

Lindsay Aguero and Randall Aguero-Mendez

Nicolas Aguilar and Catherine Naclerio

Ainslie Foundation

Eileen D. Akers

Sara Akl

Ashley and David Albanese

Sharon Albarano

Christa Alger

Ralph Allen

Christopher Allerton

Rebecca and Chris Allison

H. Braxton Allport

Elaine Alpern and Nicholas Cafferillo

Michael Alpert

Stephen Altizer

Dawn Amin-Arsala

Kumari Andarawewa

James Anders

Aaron Anderson and Karen Kennedy

Amy Anderson

Erick Anderson

Lorelle Anderson

Mark Anderson

Robin Anderson

Joseph & Jenifer Andrasko

Ruth Angevine

Clarence Angle Jr.

John Angle and Lani Peppers-Angle

Prem Anjali

Jeffrey Anker

Anonymous (33)

Paul Apicella

Clara Aquilino

Shannon and Stephen Arehart

Deborah Arenstein and Larry Goldstein

Jacob Armstrong

Alicia and Michael Arnold

Kylie Ashcom

William Astle

Daniel Atha

Celia and Mike Atkinson

Tiffany Aukema

Bobby Austin

Blair Austria

Thomas and Dixie Axley

Teague Avey

Seleina Ayers

Andrea and Henry Ayres III

Maia Babbs

Steve and Laurie Baber

Simona E. Babiceanu

Susan Babineau

Julia Badlato

Sandra and Christopher Bailey

Sharon Bailey

William Bailey

Anita Bailie

Andrew Bain

Matthew Bain

Teagan Baiotto

Julie and John Baird

Randolph Baker

Stephen Baker

Lori Balaban

Julie McKay Baldwin

Jeanette Balkiewicz

Beverly Ball

Elizabeth Ballis

Bankers Insurance, LLC

Maxwell Barab

Sally Barber

Sarah Barber

Virginia Barber

Cynthia Barker

Ryan Barker

Cameron Barnes

Lisa Barnes

Margaret Barnett

Paige Barnett

Whytney Barnett

Shannon Barras

Mike Bartlett

Margaret Bash

Susan and David Bashline

Stephen Basic

Chad Bassett

Susan Lee Baszczewski and John Baszczeswski

Allison Bateman

Melinda J. Baumann and Margie Garmey

Bridget Baylin

Carolyn Beach

David A. Beach

Katherine Beard

Robert Beard

Brooke Beaver

Elizabeth Beazell

Frank Bechter

Rachel Becker

Faith Bedford

Deane and Mark Begiebing

Shanthi Behl

Daniel Beldy

Catherine Belkov

Jane Bell

Jarrett Bellini

Thomas Benda

Joanne Benedict

Alexa Benitez

Judy Benter

Christopher Benz

Corinne Benzinger

Diane Berlin

David B. Bernard

Gordon Berne and Helene Freiman

Joseph Bernheim

Megan and Joel Bernstien

Charles Berry

Brian Berryman

Dan Berryman

William Betts

Melody and Dennis Bianchetto

Sean Bias

Allan Bieler

Coleman Bigelow

Thomas Biggs

Julie Billingham and Robert Emil Billingham

Jennifer Billingsly

Kendall J. Bills

Brian Bills

Steven Bills

Phyllis J. Binder

Shayne Bingham

Kyle Binns

Jeanne Bird

Karen Bird

Joshua Biser

Cameron Bishop

Carmelita Bishop

Sara Bishop

David Bixby

Heidi Bizon

Joseph Black

Kristina Reid Black and Matthew Black

Mary Alice Blackwell

Patrick Blakeley

Jessica Blakemore and Brian Damron

Mary Richardson Blanton

Nicholas Blaskovics

Jeffrey Blauvelt

Andrew Blazar

Kelli and Andrew K. Block Jr.

Megan E. Bloom and John E. Pickard

Patricia and George Bloom

Tracy and Christopher Bloom

Allison Bloor

Sarah and Bradley Blum

Daniel Blumenthal

Ashley and Matthew Blurton

Daniel Bodelson

Stephan Bodkin

Martin Boehme

Elizabeth Bogle and Jeffrey Perkins

Patrick Bogle

Greg Boice

Jeffrey Boichuk

Tara Bolduc

Jeff Boller

Michelle Bone

Carmen Bono

Jared and Jacel Booth

Diane Borenstein

Martha Born

Danielle Borsari

Lynsey and James Bosch

Rufus C. Botzow

Adam Boulware

Jamie and Kris Bourque

Diana and Scott Boven

Amy Bowden

Laura Bowling

Stacey Bowne

Morton Boyd

Tara Boyd

Jerri Boyers

Lori Bradley

Rodney Bradley

Maureen and John Brady

Stephen Braga

Jeanine Braithwaite

Robert Brathwaite

Olivia Branch

Barbara and Jeffrey Brand

Abigail Brandt

Aleisha and Raymond Brann

Lori McCarty Brannock and Tommy Brannock

Sandra Branson

Erin Braswell

Michael Braun

Melanie Breeden

Christy and Clayton Breeding

Charlotte Breen

Kristin Breen

Claire Brehm

Angela and Christopher Brement

Alice Bremer

Kaitlin Brennan

Kelly Brennan

The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative

Mirela Briedis-Ruiz

Kimberly Briley

Jasen Britcher

John Brocato

Nataryia Brock

Ira Brofsky

Anne Bromley

Nora Brookfield

Ashley Brooks

Charles Brooks

Jessica and Steven G. Brooks

Pamela Brooks

Tracy Brooks

Michelle and William Brooks

Donna Broshek

Sheila Broughton

Brady Brown

Caroline Brown

Catherine M. and Tyler Brown

Derek S. Brown and Deborah Heliman

Janice and Thom Brown

Jennifer Brown

Margaret Brown

Rebecca Brown

Ryan Brown

Stacey Brown

Brenda and Robert Browning

Jeffrey Browning

Mary Beth Bruce

Susan Bruce

Richard Brugh

David Bruton

Samantha Bryan

Jo Bryant

Mary and Michael Bryant

Philip Bubel

Katherine Buchowski

Daniel Buckman

Carol Buckner

Ashley Buford

Jessica Buie

Aaron Buldak

Anna Clayton Bullock

Bill Bunting

Stephen Bunting

Kerri Burchett

Renee Burgan

Emily Burger

Leah Burger

Kimberly and Richard Burgess

Michele Burke

Donna Burkey

Anne Burleson

Shannon and Douglas Burms

Eva and Jeffrey Burns

Holly Burnside

Tracy Burpee

Leigh Burris

Vicki and John Burrow

Christine and Guillermo Solorzano

John Burton

Joy Burton

Mary and Jeff Burton

Theresa G. Burton

Cali Busch

Lisa G. and David Bush

William Bush

Laurel Busony and Jimmy Jones

V. Bustamante Yescas

Jenifer Butera

Edward Butler

Elizabeth Butler

Morgan Butler

Sherry Butler

Tracy Butler

Jennifer Butt

Vicki Buttarazzi

Mike Butts

Glenda Byrd

Lee Byrd

Amy Byrket

Jesse Byrne

Barbara and Todd Cabell

Catherine Caldwell

Kimberly Calise

David Callaghan

David Callihan

Mike Camlet

Mark J. Campana

Carrie Campbell

Darlene Campbell

Phillip Campbell

Lesley Campoy

Francis Cannizzo

Cass Cannon

Zachary Canter

Michelle Cantner

Lisa Cantoni

John Capelle

Joni Capelle

R. Coran Capshaw

Anne Austin Carden

Sherilyn Carden

Mayra Cardenas

Kelly Carey

John Carfagno

Sarah Charlton Cargile and James T. Cargile

Dorothy Carney

David W. Carr Jr.

John Dabney Carr Jr.

Lucy Carr

Michele Carragan

Eileen Carroll

Jill Ann Carroll and Paul Helgerson

Sarah Carroll

Ian Carter

Virginia Carter

Kevin Caruso

Patti Cary

Meredith and Tom Cary-Morrissette

Paul Casalaspi

Monica Casella

Catherine Casey

Julie Cassidy

Andrew Catalano

Samuel Caughron

Angel Cavanaugh

James Cavanaugh

Robyn Caverzagie

Luciano Centini

Lisa Cetroni and Jorg J. Lippuner

Hannah Chacon

Paul Chaisson

Collin Chance

Melissa Chang

Claire Chantell and Jon D'Errico

Anne Chapin and Curtis F. Peterson

Karen and Jim Chapman

Kathleen Chapman

Christine and Jonathan Chasen

Maria W Chee

Alexander Chen

Kirsten Chen

Steve Chenevey

Karen Chester

Beth Cheuk

Janis and Robert L. Chevalier

Ruth Chisholm

Tammy Chisholm

Merritt and William Chisholm

Jennie Chiu

Deborah and Chlebnikow

Laura Choe

Michael Christy

Penny Church

Teresa Cieslewitz

Jared Cilimberg

Lee Cilimberg

Rachel Citron

Felicity Clancy

John Clanton

Andrew Clark

Catherine Clark

James Clark

Jessica Clark

Megan Clark

Misty Clark

John Clarke

Linda Clarke

Shana Clarke

Shana and Stephen Clarke

Megan Clarkson

Julia A. Clayton

Debbie Claytor

Ruth and Darin Clements

Sheena Clift and Jason Riner

Kathryn Clinard

Gerald L. Clore

T.C. Clubb

Shayna Cobb

Suzanne Cobleigh

Jeannie Jennings Coder and Charles Coder

Erin Coe

Jessica Coe

Virginia Coffey

Amber Coffman

Andrea Coffman

Angela Coffman

Daniel Coggins

Jorie Cogguillo

Susan F. and Andrew Cohen

Julia Cohen

Cristen Colantoni

Mindy Colden

Denise Cole

Jennifer Cole

Taylor Cole

Patrick Coleburn

Alisha Coleman

Mary and Don Coleman

Michael Coleman

James Coll

Melissa Collier

Karen Jaegerman Collins

Winslow Colwell

Kara Comer

Michele and Sean Comer

Carrissa Comfort

Ricky Compton

Ethan Comstock

Ian Comstock

Melissa Conley

Ruth A.Conlon

David Connolly

Sylvia Connolly

Russell Cooke

David Cooper

Evan Cooper

Shelley Cooper and Mark Hoffman

John Copenhaver

Andrea Coppola

James Corbett

Janine Corcoran

Rebecca Corey

Hope Corizzo

Julie Correll and Bradley Warrick

Kristin Cory

Anne Costain

Cullen Couch

J. Christopher Couch

Loretta Coughlin

Elizabeth and Jeffrey Coughter

Andrea and Demetrious Courtney

Jeff Covon

Emily Cox

Katherine Cox

Lisa Cox

Scott Cox

Emily Cozic

Elizabeth and Neale Craft

Crystal Craig

Mr. and Mrs. Hunter E. Craig

Kristen Craig

Lauren Crain

Vada Cramer-Burrus and Jerry Burrus

Cathy and Michael Crane

Ronald Crane

Elizabeth Cranwell

Virginia Craven

Tanya Crawford

Aimee Creamer

Anne Crenshaw

Melissa Crenshaw

Adele Creutz

Laura Cribbs

Bonnie W. and Thomas J. Cricchi

Carolyn and David Cighton

Laura and Robert Cromwell

Lindsay and Russ Cronberg

Mary Boyd Crosier

Barbara Cross and Richard Barbarsky

Leslie and Stewart Crotty

Allison Crouch

Carla Crowder

Thomas I.Crowell

Marcy and Robert Crum

Jennifer Cruser


Linzie and Dustin Crute

Charlotte Crystal

Wendy and Ron Culberson

Kevin Culbertson

Keri Cullen

Deborah and Michael J. Culp

Valerie Cumbea

Devon Curry

Joseph Curry

Madeline Curry

Natalia Dabrowska

Shawna and Angelo Dacus

James Dagenhart

Tom Dailey

Jamie Dalton

Robert Dalton

Kitty Daniel

Julie Daniel-Fox

Terrence D. Daniels

Amanda and James Daniero

Dick Danis

John Darling

Sara R. and Charles R. Dassance

Nathan Dau

Rosemary and Brian Daum

Peter Davey

Bridget Davis

Joshua Davis

Kathleen Davis

MaryGrace M. Davis

Paulette and A. Michaell Davis

Robert Davis

Ron Davis

Tashawna Davis and Julian Huggins

Teresa and George C. Davis

Timothy Davis

Andrew Dawson

Dayton Foundation Depository, Inc.

Elisabeth de Jong

Francesca and Eduard E. de Lange

Dawn DeBoer

Jane Dudek deButts

Samuel Degelia

Hildrene DeGood

Nicholas DeGrazia

Nicolette del Muro and Jesse Fellows

Mathieu Delamotte

Sean Delaney

D Scott Delany

Blake DeMaso

John DeMaso

Lisa DeMaso

Lynn and Tobias Dengel

Patrick J. Dennis

Baily Dent

Anna Derewenda

Joel Detrinis

Allegra Deucher

Jennifer DeVenuti

Marshall Dewey

Ann Winifred DeWitt and Benjamin DeWitt

Joel Dexter

Bob Diamond

Melissa Diamond

Kristen Dickenson

Coleman Dickerson

Susan J. and Randy Dickerson

Leslie Dickinson

Nathan DiDomenico

Clifford Diedrick

Lisa Diener

Denise Dietz

Derin and Ian Dietz

Stephen Diggs

Erin Dinger

Amy DiPietro

Discover Financial Services

Billie Dismer and Michael Moore Baldauf

Ann Divers

India Dixon

Rachel Doctors

Janet Dodge

E. Douglas Dodge Jr.

Margery Dodgin

Nicole Dolin

Elizabeth Donahue


Zoe and Jonah Donley

Michael P. Dooley

Jan Dorman and Elliott N. Weiss

Teresa and W. Larry Dorrier

Chris Dorsch

Abigail Doty

Britta Dougherty

Burleigh Doughty

Andrea Douglas and Vincent Derquenne

Stephanie Dowell

Jill Dowling

Helene H. Downs

Jennifer Downs

Lisa Draine and Joel M. Schectman

Suzanne Drake

Brooke Driver

Heather Driver

Jayleane M. Drucker

Charlotte Drummond

Louise M. and Earl C. Dudley

Tim Duerst

Kent Duffie

Patty Duffy

Laura Duke

Linda and Frank Dukes

Katharine M. Dulaney

Justina Duncan

Tonia Duncan Rivers

Heather Dunham

Amanda and Richard Dunkum

Susan Dunlap

Jaime Dunn

Lori Dunn

Molly and Andrew Dunnington

Robert Dunscomb

Anne and Dan F. Dunsmore

Maryann Dupes

Joe Duquette

AmyBeth Durant

Derek C. Duval

Helen Dwyer

Janet Dye

Heather Early

Brittany Earnest

East Bay Community Foundation

Letitia Eavey

Megan and C. Alan Eberle

Cathy Eberly

Margaret and John Timothy Echols

Dathryn and Douglas Eckert

Clyde E. Edgar

Pamela F. and Franklin S. Edmonds Jr.

Jack Edwards

Rob Edwards

Scott Ehrenworth

Sherry and Scott Ehrenworth

Christine and Charles Eichler

Jeffrey Eisenbeiss

Patricia and Charles Elcan

Deborah Elder

Jeff Elias

Melissa Elliott

Parke and Nancy Ellis

Therese Elron

Richard Embrey

Zach Emerson

Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, Inc.

Gina Engel

Marla England

Larry Engle

Tracy Eppard

Howard Epstein

Grace Erard

Caleigh Erickson and Cameron Saucier

Matthew Erickson

Alev Erisir

Jacqueline Erskine

Jason Espie

Christine Esposito

Eileen and Jerry Eudy

Eugene Eugene

Andrew Evans

Carey Evans

Carl Evans

Jessica Evans

John B. Evans and Beth Neville

Robyn Evans

William Evans

Diane Everett

Emily Eversmann

Shana and Aaron Fabio

Traci Facciani


David R. Fadden

Christina and Gary Fang

Jason D. Fargo

Diane Farineau

Rachel Faris

Leah Fariss

Jason Farr

Kelly Farrer

Amy Farris

Joseph Fasolo

Libbie and James William Faulconer III

John Faulconer

Christine Faulkner

Carol Faust

Joseph Faust

Nik Fazio

Mary Feamster

Janet M. Federici

Ashley and Daniel Feero

Katherine and Donald Fender

Susan Fenn

Erika and Jay G. Fennell

Sarah Fernald

Christopher Ferrer

Nicole Ferretti and John Umphred

Karen Ferrington

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Andrew Fields

Stephanie Fields

Gary and Lauren Fillmore

Richard Fillmore

Rhonda Fingerett

Angela Fink

Elizabeth Finkelstein

First United Methodist Church

Cynthia Fisher

Mary Fisk Taylor

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Diane Garcia

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Adrienne Garo

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Bryan Geddy

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Kathleen Glenn-Matthews

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Rachel Hershey

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Larry Horner

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Laurie Householder - Mehler

Danny Housier

Christy Howe

Elizabeth and Graham Howe

Jeffrey Howe

Tyler Howerton

Laura Hoxworth

Darrell Hoy and Michelle Zagardo

Jenny Hubbard

Andrea and Brian Hubbell

Constance Huber

Sandra Hudak

Janette Hudson

Sophie Hudson

Stephanie Hudson

Kelli Huffman

Cheryl Hughes

Robert Hundley

Hy and Kelly Hunsaker

Cami and John Hunter

Michelle Hurst

David Hutchinson

Ronald Ignotz

Heather and Greg Innes

Julie Intrieri

Marcia Invernizzi

Investure, LLC

Robert M. Isaacs

Ivy Publications, LLC

Michael J. Iwanik

J. McLaughlin/Georgica Pine Clothiers LLC.

Ashley Jackson

Audrey Jackson

Barbara Jackson

Debra K Jackson

Jessica Jackson

Vanessa and John Jackson

Tom Jackson

Hugh Jacobs IV

Katherine Geer Jaffe and Caleb A. Jaffe

Ava Jahoda

Jamal Millner DBA Millner Audio Productions

Jennie James

Jennifer James

Karen James

Rachel James

Elizabeth Jamison

Lena Jazouli

Irene Jefferson

Matthew Jenior

Bryan Jenkins

Jonathan Todd Jenkins

Janelle and Jay Jennings

Benjamin Jessee

Christopher Jessee

Pam and James L. Jessup Jr.

JLRS Family Fund in the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation

William Jobes

Jasen Johns

Barbara Johnson

Martha S. and Charles M. Johnson III

Crystal Johnson

Dorenda Johnson

Jayson Johnson

Joyce Johnson

Katina Johnson

Melanie and Robert Johnson

Nate Johnson

Sallie Johnson

Stephen Johnson

Steve Johnson and Donna Kaiser

Chloe Johnston

Brock Jolly

Alice Jones

Anne Coiner Jones

Caitlin Jones

Katherine and Charles Jones

Chris Jones

Chris Jones

Cody Jones and Crystal Clements

Edward Jones

Eleanor Jones

Jennifer Jones

Jeremy Jones

Kathryn Jones

Lauren Jones

Linda Jones

Linda W. and Sanford Jones

Lisa Jones

Malcom Jones

MaryAnne Jones

Sandi Jones Garrison

Denise Jordan

Elizabeth Jordan

Jennifer M. and John Henry Jordan

Dolly Joseph

John Joss

JP Morgan Chase Foundation

Amy Judd

Alice M. Justice

Karyn Justice

Janine Kaestner

Kathryn Kahler

Jordan Kahn

Rachael Kalan

Prakash Kamath

Lisa Kanellopoulos

Matthew Kane

Linda and Jeffrey Kaner

Camille Kaplan

Kathryn Kappes

Phyllis Karavatakis

Matthew Karowe

Heather Karp and Ira Herbst

Jill Karr

Ashley Kasonik

Kristine Kasselman and Robert Emmett

Cynthia Kearney

Janet Keaton

Patricia H. Keats

Tami A. and Michael Keaveny

Erin Keavney

Megan and Calder Kegley

Barbara Keller and Steve Cohen

Katie Kellett

Erin and Michael Kelleett

Michael Kelley

Laurie Ripper Kelly and Blair Kelly

Elizabeth Kelly

Grady Kelly

Heather Kelly

Jane Kelly

Ryan Kelly

Sara Kendle

Mara Kennedy

Michael Kennedy

Sheri Kennedy

John Kenoyer

Katherine Keogh

Laura Keohane

Steven Kessler

Mary Key

Jonthan Keyserling

Manyang Kher


Matthew Kidd

Rachel Kidney

Colleen and Randall Kiernan

Jeremy Kiernan

Peter Kiernan and Eaddo Kiernan Foundation

Kieran Kilday

Greg Killian

Kathryn Kim

Jake Kincaid

Jill and Tim Kincaid

Ashby Kindler

Elizabeth and Paul L. King

Joseph King

Mackenzie King

Mattthew King

Michael King

Polly King

Scott King

Natalie and Matthew Kingston

Aven and Andrew William Kinley

Peter KiongaKamau

Gregory S. Kirkpatrick

Don Kirwan

Mary Kirwan

Amanda Kizer

Rebecca Klaff

BethAnne Klaver

Annie Klein

Mark Klein

Sara Klingel

Sara Klosky

Elizabeth Knapp

Measi Kober

Sepp Kober

Anne and John Koch

Jennifer Koeniger

Kathleen and William Koepsell

Katey Kohanski

Denise Kolb Hernandez

Daniel Koller

Joanne C. and Joseph M. Kopp

Jennifer Koster

Donna Kozyra

Marcia E. Kraft-Sayre

Kristina Krajewski

Jennifer Kramer

Candice Kremer

Nadya Kremsreiter

Sarah and Joseph E. Krenn

David O. Krovetz

Jeanne Kuder

Laura J. Kuhn

Tracy and Timothy Kunkel

Taylor Kuykendall

Barbara Labinger

Cheryl and Leo Lacey

Julie C. Lacy and Ron Price

Angela and Tony Lagos

Joseph Dye Lahendro and Betsy Rice

Olivia Lai and Walter Gillcrist Jr.

Christopher Laing

James H. Lambert

Harriet and Larry Lambert

Mary Lambert

Joanne LaMotte

Kathryn Jane Lancaster

Katherine Lanchantin

Lisa Landry

Shannon Lane

Stephen Lane

Kristin Lang

Kelly and Parker Lange

Kristina Langill

Marcia Langsam

John L. Lanham

Kerry Lanigan

Jeff Lapierre and Kristina Nyland

Joyce Largen

Deanna Larion

Kristina Larson

Anthony Laserna

Timothy Laseter

Julie and Billy Lassetter

Martha Laster

Amy Lastinger

Michael Lateulere

Kathryn Laughon

L. David Lea Jr.

Michelle Lear

Caitlyn Leary

Virginia Leary

Jason LeConey

Melanie Ledbetter

Mechelle Ledwith

Meredith Lee

Sandra Lee-Muzik

Marc Lefar

Phyllis K. and Melvyn P. Leffler

Robin LeGallo

Heidi Lehman

Kathy Lentz

Barbara Leonard

Mayte and Marc Lerch

Jill Lerner

Kathryn Lese

Let’s Get Nice Limited on behalf of SOJA

Jennifer and Matt Letscher

Ivy/Jeff Levien

Mark Levy and Wendie Gerus

Rene Lewellyn

Adahlia and Joshua Lewis

Jocelyn Lewis

John L. Lewis IV

Melanie and Rob Lewis

Michael Lewis

Rebecca Lewis

Theresa Libby

John Liebengood

Audra Lifson

Laura Light

Jeannie Lightsey

Elizabeth Liles

Terry Lilley

Diana Lilly

MacLean Limehouse

Thomas Lincoln

Nichole Lindgren

Alison Lindley

Christine Lindsay

Jim Lindsey

Sindri Linen

Catherine Lippard

Dr. and Mrs. Hal Lippard and Nicole Thomas

Terrence Lippmann

Ryan Lipps

Jeffrey Liskey

Brennan List

Jennifer Little

Wynona and Richard Little

Stephen Little

Kristan and Lee Livingston

Pat and John Lloy

Christopher Locke

Eugene Locke

Mary and Eugene Locke

Sarah and Andrew Lofton

Kristina Loftus

Maurice A. Lohman

Elizabeth and Brian Long

Nicole and Darren Long

Jennifer Longbrake

Fred Lonsdale

Gladys López Acevedo

 Lora L. and Martin N. Kelley Family Foundation Trust

Jean H Lorber

Eric Loth

Lois Love

Marysa Lovell

Betty Loving

Danica Low

Stephanie A. Lowehaupt

Rebecca Lower

Anna Lowery

Nathan Lowery

Jane Lowry

David Lubin

Ann and Jeffrey Lucas

Christopher Luck

James Luck

Tananchai Lucktong and Deana Young

Robin Luecke

Victoria Lumpkin

Abby Lunn

Sean Lunn

Heather Lutz

Mary Elizabeth and Kase Luzar

Ana Maria B. and Darren W. Lynch

Lisa Lynch

Lynne Goldman Elements LLC

Lora and Donald Charles Lyon

John Lyons

Emily MacDonnell

Erin Macilwaine

H. Mackey

James Mackey

Hannah MacKnight

Steven Macleay

Victoria O'Brien MacMillan

Stephanie Maddox

Cecelia and Scott Margargee

Anna Magee

Christine Magnuson

Katherine Magnuson

John Magnusson

Maher Live on behalf of Terry McAuliffe

Gary Mahoney

Kerrigan Mahoney

Peter and Lena Malcolm

Barbara Maille

Erica Mailler and Eric Merriam

Kathy Major

Amber Malek

Elaina M. Mangione and Robert Crinks

Melissa Mangold

Andrew and Sarah Mank

Vachelle Manly

Adam Mann

Barbara J. Mann

Patrick Marano

Rebecca Margolies

Cara Marinucci

Lindsey Marks

Erin Marley

Augusta Marshall

Patsy Martin

Ryan Martin

Sabina Martin

Laura and James Martindale

Jean-Paul Martinod-Sanchez

Denise and Mammen Mathew

Christine Matt

Amy Matthewd

Holly Matthews

Marian Matthews

Nicholas Mattsson

Jill Maurer

Cary May

Carol Lynn and Will Mayo

Kenneth Mayo

Dana Mays

Terence McAuliffe

Julie McAuley-Gonzalez

Lisa McCade

Mary McCall

Michael McCall

Sara McClelland

Anderson McClure

Bevery B. McCoid

Melanie McComb

Joanne McCorkle

Caroline McCormick

David Rya McCormick

Linda McCormick

Sandy McCowan

Heather McCoy

Betty McCracken

Edward McCrady

Lauren McCullough

Jennifer McDonald

Taylor McDonnell

Timothy McGann

Linda McGee

Karen McGlathery

Kim McGlone

Sean McGoey

Thomas McGoey

Regina McGovern

Edward McGowan

Helen Elizabeth and Ray McGrath

Matthew McGuire

Kevin McHaney

Henry D. McHenry Jr.

Kelsey McKechnie

Martha and William I. McKechnie

Devlin McKee

Amelia McKeithen

Catherine McKenzie

Beth and Wayne McKinzie

Tyler, Eve and Rysen McKnight

Kathleen McLaren-Hawking

Robert E. McLaughlin

Susan McLaughlin

Savannah McLaurin

Margaret McLean

Judy McLeod

Fenton McMahon

James McManus

Timothy McMurry

Abby and Charles McNamara

Dennis McPherson

Kathleen and John McQuilkin

Lisa McRae

Max Mcsherry

Debra Meadows

Loretta Meadows

G. Neil Means

Laura Medvene

David Mehringer

David Mehringer

Alice Meiss

Rachel Mendelson

Leigh Menditto

Judith Mendoza

Elizabeth Mercer

Beth Meriwether

Mary Merkel

Paul Merrel

Michael Merritt

James Messier

Julian Metts

Katharine Meyer and Christopher Vincent Barbatti

Patricia Meyer-Peterson

Rebecca and Brad Meyers

Chita G. and Frederick S. Middleton III

Matt Middleton

Christian Millard

George Miller

Heather Miller

Heidi Miller

Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller

Mary Miller

Mary C. Van Miller

Melanie and Paul D. Miller

Neil Miller

Scott Miller

Sean A. Miller

Susan Miller

Jeanette Mills

Cal Mincer

Judith Minter

Katherine Mitchell

Susan Modesitt and Kacy Scott Burnsed

Piper Moffatt

Karl Mohns

Rumana Moinuddin

Kathleen Molloy

Donald Molnar

Laura Monagan

Michael Monagan

Parthenia Monagan

Lynda and Daniel J.Monahan

Linda C. and John  T.Monahan

Betty Moody

Jack Moody

Jacob Mooney

Faith Moore

Kathryn Moore

Lynn and Mike Moore

Lisa G. Morales and Kevin Sumter

Patricia A. Moran

Marco Morello

Yelix and Francisco Moreno

Alissa Morgan and Andrew Barr

Katherine and Raymond Ward Morgan

Raymond F. Morgan

Michael Moriarty

Chellie Morris

Elizabeth and Gregory N. Morris

Jenny Morris

Jennifer Morris

Marjorie Morris

Shelley Morris

Steven Morris

Wayne Morris

Jeffrey Morrison

Melissa Morrison

Frederick S. Morton V

Connie Morton-Ewbank

Cynthia Moses

Patricia C. Moss

Christine Moubray

Thomas Moutinho

Cameron Mowat

Julie Moyer and Caleb Rowe

Chris Mullikin

Nancy and Damian Mullin

Ryan Mullins

Brian Mundy

Nidhi Munjal

Carly Munn

Hannah Catherine Munro and Kevin W. Munro

Bernard Murphy

Paula C. Murphy

Barbara Murray

Brenda and John Phil Murray

Gene Murray

Caryn and Michael Musaffi

Wendi Muse

Jennifer Myers

Thomas Nachbar and Claire E. Buisseret

Jessi and Jacob Nadkarni

Mogan Nadkarni and Andrea Tribastone

Mary Nafpaktitis

Jessica W. Nagle

Christopher Nalberczinski

Frank Nardi J. and Whitney Mill

Valerie Nash

Angela Natale

Mary Neary

Robert Nedby

Raymond Nedzel

Patrice Neese

Sara Neher

Mark and Scott Neisser

Denis Nekipelov and Justin Falco

Nest Realty Group, LLC

Network for Good

New Dominion Project PAC on behalf of Mike Signer

Aimee and Jim Newcomb

Catherine Newman

Gail Newman

Sandra Newsom

Charles Newton

M. Courtland and Evans Nexsen

Mary Nichols

Robert Nichols

Denise Nicholson

Kaitlin Nikiforov

Michelle and Andrey Nikiforov

Lisa Noah

Lauren Noe

Bonnie Noga

Lily Noguchi

Janet Nolan

Michael Nolan

Courtney Nolde

Danielle Norris

Stephen Northcott

Victoria Fay Norwood

Brad Novak

Natalie Novkovic

Beth Nowak

Roy Noyes

Christina Nugent

Cheri Nutty

Woody Oakey

Oakwood Foundation

Alexandra O'Brien

Kirk Ocke

Patrick O'Connor

Thomas O'Connor

Gabriel Ofiesh and Mary Maher

Daria Ogden

Locke W. and David Ogens

Dana Ogilvie

Regina OHare

Michael Oja

Seth Oldham

Meredith O'Leary

Timothy O'Leary

Cary Oliva

Jen Oliver

Stacy Oliver

Kelli Olson

Naomi Olson

Tia Oneill

Ashley Opfar

Terence OPrey

Sean OReilly

Janie Osterhaus

Tom & Angie Oswald

Lori O'Toole

Melissa O'Toole

Susan Ould

Alyce Outlaw

Ann Overton and Thomas B. Horton

Gary Owens

Katie Owsiany

Matt Paco

Arlene Page

Rhonda Paice

Jennifer Palazio

Christine Palazzolo and Eugenio Schettini

Carol Palizzi

Constance D. Palmer

Kelli E. Palmer and James Bennett

Laura and Matthew Panzarella

Jenn and Travis Papefuse

Danyse Papeo

Nick Paradiso

Jennifer Park

Cara Parker

Lindsey Long Parker and David Parker

Jennifer and Sam Parker

Parker Artists

Logan Parks

Michele Parks

Ruth Parlin

Melissa Parr

Michael Parra

Marie Parry

Christopher Patch

Dana and Steve Patek

Ashley and Mukesh Patel

Vipul Patel

Keli Patterson

Jean and David Patteson

Roberta and Dan Patton

Nancy Paulson

Michael A. Pausic and Kelley A. MacDougall

Christopher Pax

Cynthia Payne

Julia and James Derick Paye

Katie and Russell Paye

Michael Payne

Ruth Payne

Ericka Pearce

Janet and Richard D. Pearson

Kathy Peck

Lillian Pecoraro

Sarah Peddle

Marty and William Peery

Karen R. and Gustavo Pellon

Susan Pender

Melissa Peregoy

Yoshie Perez

Travis Perkins

Jane Perry

Julie and Lee Perry

Wendy Perry

April and Daniel Persaud

Lisa Persinger

Wanda Petersohn and Venable W. Hurtt

Casey Peterson

Gary Peterso and Marca-Maria Boggiano

Jennifer Peterson

Carmele Petrella

Daniel Peyton

Sean Pfeiffer

Henry Pfeil

Eric Pfister

Christy Phillips

Elayne Phillips

Jay Phillips

Leslie Phillips

Spencer Phillips

Susan Phillips

Lyda Phillips Stokes

Patricia and Steve Phipps

Jacqueline B. Pickering

Marguerite Pickering

Kristina Pietro

Laura Pietro

Michael Pillow and Stephanie White

R P Pinnell

Matilde Pinto

Gretchen S. Pirasteh

Aaron Pitcock

Sheryl Pitt

Ashleigh and Evan Pivonka

Tiombe and Kevin Plair

Sarah Plummer

Edward Pointer

Wesley Pollard

John Pollock

Talia Pollok and Spencer Pollok

Lallon Pond

Lynn Pontillo

Diane Poole

Jennifer Poole

Amy Porter

Brett Porter

Lynn Porter

Maryfrances Porter

Stephanie Porter

Cathy Portner

Portugal. The Man, Inc.

Maggie Post

Marie and Thomas Potter

Achut Poudel

Melinda Poulter and Anthony Martinez

Pour la Maison LLC

Lisa Powell

Kendra Powell Testa

Margaret Power

PTJ Operations, LLC

Jennifer and Brian Prax

Rosalyn F. and David Trimble Preston

Daniela Pretzer

Anna Price

Prescott Prillaman

Kristen Printy

Robert U. Pritchard and Lynn A. Fontana

Karen Pritchett

Dennis Proffitt and Deborah Roach

Lindsay Proulx

Frederick Pryor

Tamas Pucher

Ernest Pugh

Jeffrey Pugh

Samantha Pyle

Shelia Pyle

Gregory Quast

Erin Quinn

Megan Quinn

Elizabeth Rabin

Karina Rachal

Leigha Rae

Cherry Ragland

Joseph Raichel

Jane Ramey

Jose Ramirez

Krystal and DJ Randall

Kate Rander

Benjamin Randolph

Random Row Brewing Co.

Christina Ransom Vignola

Thomas Raper

Judy Rasmussen

Todd Rath

Jasmine Ratliff

Karen and Mark Ratzlaff

John Read

Abby Rechel

Red Star Holdings LLC

Patricia Redican

Martha Redinger

Lynn and Mark Reed

Stephanie Reed

Wanda Reed

Christina Rees and Thom S. Lewis

Lindsey Reese

Denise Regan

John Reid

Karen Reifenberger

William Reifsteck

Eric Reigel

Lynne Reigel

Juaita Reigle

Christine and Richard Todd Reilly

Kimberly Reilly

Kelly Reinhardt and Aaron Williams

Lawrence Resnick

Revolutions Per Minute

Diane and Joseph Rexrode

James V. Reyes

Lynne Rhea

Jacqueline Rhinehart

Cheryl Ann and Robert Ribando

Daniel Rice

Carla Richards

Cynthia Richards

Cynthia Richardson

James Richardson

Mark Richardson

Mary Richey

April Rickard

Logan Riddick

Karen and Kevin Riddle

Skye Riddle

Phil Riedel

Jeff Riedel-Bickenll

John Riedl

Virginia Rieley

Michael Riley

The Rimora Foundation

James Riner

Bettina Ring

Barb Ringers

Lee Ritterband

Sonia Rivas

Lauren Rivellino

Darla and Jeff Rivi

William Roach

Jacqueline and Gavin Roark

Amy and Mark Robbins

Wendy Roberman

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Lacey Roberts

Michelle Roberts

Rachael Roberts

Tracey and Jay Roberts

D. Lee Roberts Jr.

Max Robertson

Angela Robinson

William Robinson

Rock Paper Scissors

Kathryn Rockett

Randi Rod

Camela Rodenberger

David Rodgers

Carmie Rodriguez

Erika Roeder

Thomas Roesch

Dylan Rogers

Gerald Rogers

Matthew Rogers

Megan and Seth Rogers

Tucker Rogers

Bethany Rogerson

Thomas Rohr

Pamela B. Roland

Corinne Rollin

Maria G. and Colin Rolph

Joseph Roma

Andrew and Kara Romano

Sarah and Luke Romanow

Joanne and Andrew Rome

Davin Rosborough

Anya and KC Root

Deborah Rose

Nancy Rose

Alexandria Roseman

Julie Rosenberg and Michael Shapiro

Amanda and Jesse Rosenblatt

Leslie Rosenthal

Diane L. Rosin and Mark D. Okusa

Karyn Ross and Brian Hoffert

Sarah Ross

Trini Ross

Kelly Rossi

J A J Rosson

Julia R. and Matthew Roth

Paula Rowan-Page

Tyler Rowekamp

Jeffrey Rowlett

Tia Roy

Suzanne and David Rubini

Christopher Ruhm

Pamela Rule

Daniel Rundle

Brian Russell

Matthew Russell

Michael Russell

Alicia Russman

Robert Rutschow

The RWJF Special Contributions Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation

Geralyn Ryan

Katie Beth Ryan

Lauren Ryan

Michael Ryan

Raya Rzeszut

S&P Global Foundation

Larry J. Sabato

Steven Sadvary

Caroly and Dan Saint

Caitlin Saint-Aubin and Kevin Zona

John Salem

Jeremy Salesin

Lillian Salley

Mikhal and Adam Salzberg

Sharon Salzberg

Karen Sambursky

Michael Samick

Doron Samuel-Siegel and Angela M. Davis

David Sanders

David Sansone

Rebecca Santelia

Joesaf Santiago

Meaghan Sapon

Frances Sargent

Landon and Kathryn Saul

Ron Saulnier

Diana Saunders

Sarah Saunders

Steve and Rebekah Saunders

Tara Savage

Anthony Savino

Anne Scatena

Dorothy Schafer and Craig Spaulding

Virginia A. and Joseph M. Schechter

Sophie Draine Schectman

David Scheer

Joseph Schepps

Peter Scherman

Mark Scheurenbrand

Roger Schickedantz

Elizabeth and Ty Schieber

Julie Schietinger

Jill Schildkamp

Thomas L. Schildwachter

Jayne and Bradley Schlabach

Kelsey Schlein

Michelle and David Schlesinger

Paul Schmidt

Alicia Schmitt

Rosmarus Schneck

Frederick W. Schneider and Irene Dorrier

Jill Schneider

Nina Schoeb

Aleisha Schoenfelder

Leslie Scholz

Laura Schoonover

Lisa Schrader and Paul Targonski

Philip Schrodt and Cecilia Mills

Martin Schulman

Susan Schuster

Sandy and Steve Schwemberger

Michael Sconzo

Amanda Scott

Beth Scott

Kathy Ray Scott and Lester Erie Scott

Walter Scott

Emily and Stephen Scruggs

Anita Seagle

Laura Seale

Alice Searcy

Steward A. Searle and Mary Buckle

Mara Sedlock

Sunshine and Ben Sedwick

Jeri Seidman

Cindy Seiler

Tamo Sein

Mallika Sen

Simone Sengers and Joren Van Der Pluijm

Pavina Sengkhyavong

Kelly Senser

Myra Serrano

Stephanie Sersen

Initha Setiady

Susan Sferra

Taylor and Stephen Shaffer

Ankur Shah

Vanessa Shami

Chris Shaner

Robert Shaner

Jonathan Shannon

Rich Sharff

Brandon Sharp

Hattie Sharp

Jeremy Shaw

Robin Sheedy

Julie and Paul Sheehy

Sara Shelton

Steven Shelton

Rachelle Shendow

Emily Shepherd

Steve Sherman

Cindy Sherwood

Joan Shettig and David Collier

Anna Shields

Kelly Shifflett

Megan E. Shifflett and Jenna Daniel

Ashley Shilling

Meredith and David Shipp

Frank Shumaker

Daniel Shuren

Ann Sidebottom

Anju Sidhu

Zoe Sieber

Daniel Siegel

Michael Signer

Jeanne Siler

Nicole Silverwood

Funkenstein Simonides

Tiffany Simons

Sheryl Ann Sinard

Shamina Singh

Laura Sipe

Henry Skelsey

Ann Skelton

Stephanie and Bobby Slade

Edward R. Slaughter Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Craig L. Slingluff

Carin Slisz

Bradford Slocum

Janet L. Smalley

Kirsten Smart

Christopher Smarte

Kimberley Smigo

Amber Smith

Asia Smith

Bernadine Smith

Conrad Smith and Peggy O'Heron

Crystal Smith

Debra L. and Peter Smith

Earl Smith

Elliot Smith

Emily Smith

Irene Smith

Jillian Smith

Kathleen Smith

Kevin Smith

Kristin and Brian Smith

Kyle Smith

Margaret Smith

Marilyn Smith

Meri J. Smith

Natasha and William R. Smith

Paul Smith

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca and Doug Smith

Stacy M. Smith

Victoria Smith

Yonna Smith

Sallie Smithwick

Anne Smucker

Lynne Smyers

Vicki Snead

Kacie and William Snellings

James Snoddy

John Lloyd Snook III and Sheila C. Haughey

Elizabeth M. and Baird Snyder

Helen Snyder

John Snyder

Patricia Snyder

Tara Snyder

Mark Sokolowski

Maria Solomon

Molly Solomson

Page Somers

Paul Somers

Kelley Somerville

Cathy Trybul Sontheimer

Theresa Southard

Brandon Spalding

Doug Spamer

Amy Sparkman

Elizabeth Spaulding

Catherine and Michael Spear

Mary Spear

Rosemary Spell

Ellen Spence

Kevin Spence

Karen Spencer

Valerie Spencer

Victoria Sperry

Amanda Spigone

John Spilman

Lisa Spinosa


Charles Sprickman

Jennifer Springer

Timothy Sprinkle

Kristen and Larry St. John

Edwina St. Rose

Lanah Stafford

Shannon Stahl

Teller Stalfort

Uva Stanley

Christopher and Julia Starks

Starr Hill Brewing Company

Starr Hill Presents, LLC

State Farm Companies Foundation

Pavlos Stavropoulos

Andrew Steeley

David Steffan

Jason Steinmetz

Rebekah Stelling

Karen Stemland

Christine Sterling

Beverly Stermer

Karen Stern

Meryl Stern

Robert Stevener

Teresa Stevens

B.R. Steward and Anthony Nappi

Cheryl Stewart

Kathleen Stiebris

Ashley Stiles

Melissa Stirling

Lise Stoessel

Paula and George G. Stone

Elizabeth and Frank R. Stoner IV

David Storm

Erica Stowe

Tina Stowell

Marcia Strait

Silvija Strikis

Kelley Stuck

Lauren and Aaron Stump

Paul Stumpf

Sarah Sturm

Todd Anthony Sturman

John Sturtevant

Susan and Sudhir Suchak

Dorothy Sullenberger

Stephanie and Robert Sullivan

Ryan Sullivan and Celena Cox

Jennifer Sulzberger and Robert E. Ducharme

Nancy and David J. Summers

Christina and Ches Sumpter

Lee Sumpter

The Superkick Foundation, Inc.

Patricia and Wes Sury

Melissa Suttle

Sarah Sweet

Shauna Sweet

Christine Sweeters

Kendall Swenson

Carolyn Swift

Sharon Swink

Arthur Symmes

Jennifer and Cameron Tabor

Mary and Christopher Tait

Nancy Takahashi

Emily Talley

Chris Talmont

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Tamblyn

Melinda and Kirk Tanner

Tiwanna Tapscott

Jo Lee Tarbell

Mitchell Tarleton

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Taylor

Barbara and Francis Taylor

Christa Cate Taylor

Darryn Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

Jessica Taylor

Marsha Taylor

Michele Taylor

Sandi Taylor

Lisa Taylor-Jones

Bethany Teachman

Chera Teague

Lily Teaster

TEGNA Foundation Inc.

Lindsey Tennyson

Nathan Tepper

Emma Terry

Tim Tessier

Kelli Teter

Sarah Teter

Joan F. Thalmeimer

Nell and Stephen L. Tharp

Corrie Thayer

Nicole Thisdell

George and Sally Thomas

Lisa Thomas

Jessica Thompson

Joseph Thompson

Kimberly Thompson

Meredith Thompson

Savannah Thompson

John and Judith Thoms

Clay Thomson

Kara Thornton

Three Notch'd Brewing Company LLC

Megan Throne

Ellen Thurnau

Curtis Thwing

Jianghong Tian

Lynn Ticco

Kipperly Tidball

Jennifer Till

Miriam Tobias

James Tobin

Michael Toler

John Toles

James Tollefsrud

Melanie Tomaszewski

Keron Tomlinson

Pamela Toney

Patricia Toone

Jennifer Torres

Ana TorresdeNavarra

Michael Touhey

Shawna Townsend

Vicky Townsend

Erica Toy

Jeffrey Toy

Nicole Toy

Brett Traino

Dan Trainor

Ky Tran-Trong

Victoria and Carl J. Termaglio

Gaylle Trevillian

Trinity Episcopal Church

Tia Troester and Mark McLewee

Laura Troy

Caitlin Troyer

Thomas Truchio

Sarah Trundle

Judith Trunzo

Kevin Tsou

Ann and Herbert Tucker

Shon Tucker

Joanne and Jarrod Tuckman

Elizabeth Turner

Gayle Turner

Stephen Turow

Lynda and Ronald R. Tweel

Crystal and Robert Tyler

Deb Tyrrell

Jennifer Tyzenhaus

Sandra Sanchez Updike and John B. Updike

Sam Uppala

Upstaging Inc.

Jaye Urgo

Beverly and Ray Van Ausdal

Patricia Van Clief

Margaret Van Liew

Jake Van Yahres

Margaret F. Van Yahres

David and Katrien Vance

Farrell Vangelopoulos

Linda Varin

Daniel Veale

Susan and Brian Veerhoff

Luzita Vela

Diane Velasco

Lucy and James Veltri

Charles Verdery

Jeff Vergales

Verizon Foundation

Craig Vertz

Renee Viette

William Viglione

Virginia Tourism Corporation

Virginia Women's Chorus

Elizabeth Vlahos

Robyn Vogel and Brian Trivett

Sarah Vogeley

Daniel Voller

Rita Von Seggern

Lyndele M. Von Schill

Emily Votroubek

Rebecca L. Vozzo

Ronald Waddell

Sheri Waddell

Autumn and Jordan Wade

Pamela Mason Wagner

Jennifer Wagoner

Samantha Wagstaff

Amanda Walburn

John Waldo

Christie and Paul Walker

Henry Walker

Kate Walker

Leslie Walker

Patricia Walker

Thomas Walker

The Walker Family Foundation

Kenneth Wallach

Wal-Mart Foundation

Christopher Walmsley

Kieran Walsh

Wendy Walter

Amy and Garrett Walters

Brian Walters

Julie and Dave Walters

Dustin Walters

Rebecca Walton

Neena and Stuart Walton

Tanya Wanchek

Kara Ward

Martin Ward

Nell Ward

Nancy Wardle

Evan Wareham

Michael N. Warlick

Caitlin Warren

Vaden Warren

Tina Washington

Jennifer Wathen

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Watson Jr.

Gregory Watson

Kaleigh Watson

Patricia Wattenmaker and Paul Ackerman

Katherine Watts

Rebecca Watts

Louise C. and Scott F. Wawner

Jessica Way

Debra and Alf Weaver

Justine Weaver

J. Gregory Webb

Alison P. and Michael J. Weber

Jack and Carol Weber Fund in the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation

Jody and Bill Weedlun

Anne Weems

Shelia Weimer

Sarah Weinberg

Michael Weisberg

Erin Weldon

Joshua Welles

Cynthia Wells and Kevin Eric Woodford

Kalee Wells

Richard Wells

Wells Fargo Foundation

Arthur Weltman

Jan Wenig

Lisa Wentzel

Ellen Wermter

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Wertheim

Susan Wertz

Sheila McCarthy Weschler and R. Ted Weschler

Brian West and Sherry Siemon

Ken West

Richard West

Christopher Westbrook

Marie Westbrook

Donald Westerbeck

Diane Whaley

Susannah Wheat

Lindsay and Mark Wheeler

Susan D. Wheeler

Tara Wheeler

Chester Whindleton and Kat Kuhlman

Carol White

Ian White

Judy White

Michele White

Tonya White

Malinda Whitlow

Keith Whitmore

Bernard Whitsett II

Wendy Whitt

Jessica and Brian Whittaker

Catherine Whittier

Amy Wicks-Horn

Ben Widener

Scott Widener

Candace Widmer

Amy and Todd Wielar

Dillon Wild

Gail Hyder Wiley

Scott Wiley

Paige and Chris Wilkes

Lynda Wilkins

Glenn Wilkinson

John Wilkinson

Joy Willey

Leah Willey

Elizabeth and Stuard Williams

Francesca Williams

Garrett Williams Williams

John Williams

Libba Williams

Mark Williams

Michelle Williams

Richard Williams

Anastasia and Sanford S. Williams

Scott Williams

Sherrie Williams

Amanda and Stephen Williams

Susan D. Williams

Wayne Williams

Williams Family Fund in the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation

Roberta Bell Williamson

Amanda Williford

Lisa Williford

Charles K Willingham

April and Randy Willis

Brittney and Heath Wills

Martha Wills

Kristin Jensen Wilmoth and Richard Wilmoth

Heather Wilson

Jessica Wilson

Jon Wilson

Lydia Wilson

Megan Wilson

Patricia and William Wilson

Juanita Wilson Duquette

Mary Catherine Wimer

Ann Winer

Julie Wingfield

Karen and P.J. Winkelman

Subagh K. Winkelstern

Willard Winkler

Beth Winn

Jennifer Winslow

Millie and Robert Winstead

Megan and Christopher Winter

Martin Winters

Katie Wise

Jasmine Wiseman

Jessica Wiseman

Tara Wisnewski

Lauren Witt

Stephanie Wittich

Alana and Kurt Woerpel

Jeanine and Tom Wolanski

Barry Wolf

Christopher Wolfe and Donna S. Buchanan

Jaime Woltz

Vanessa Womack

Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP

Katelyn Wong

Elizabeth B. and A. Del Greco Wood

Robert Wood

Roxanne Woodhouse

Cynthia Woodward

Amanda Woolwine and Jordan Duani

Caroline Worcester

Worrell Chapman Family Fund in the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation

Jean  J. Wright

Emmie and Jon Wright

Karen Wright

Katherine Wright

Kristopher Wright

Mary and Benjamin Wright

Molly Wright

Sheila Wudtke

Ashley and Emmett Yancey

Alexander Yang

Catherine Yang

John Yarbrough and Stacy Hite

Bob Yates and Katie Bailey Cowen

Tiffany Yhip

Greg Yost

Alyssandra Young

Derek Young

Katherine Younger

Debra Yuhas

Claudio Zarpelon

Nicole Zavradinos

Heather Zawol

Sarah Zeller

Ashley Zeni

Carol Ziemer

Lorrie Zimecki

Jane Zimmerman

Amanda Zulker

Terri Zweig

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